Footsteps from the Past III

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Footsteps from the Past III

  • Footsteps from the Past III, original 24x30
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Footsteps from the Past III, Bruton Parish – Duke of Gloucester Street.

16x20 Fine arts print on canvas with border.

© 2018 Suzanne E. Denion. All rights reserved.

One can picture during the 1700’s, a dignified black couple resting on a bench outside Bruton Parish. During the period when our country was being established, Bruton Parish worshipers were segregated by race .[1] In the 1700’s some courageous slaves and free black worshipers left Bruton Parish, where worship was restrained, and gathered secretly in song and prayer in a brush arbor at Green Spring Plantation. The brush arbor was “a clearing in the woods with posts secured in the ground around the cleared area and across the top. Open spaces around the sides and top were filled with small limbs and branches to hide the gathering from view and shelter worshippers from the elements.” [2] The days of segregation are long over, and today Bruton Parish extends a warm welcome to everyone.