Footsteps from the Past 3 Bruton Parish WEB 2
January 2020
After a not too brief hiatus away from the Williamsburg area, I finally returned to the Rockefeller Library in late Autumn to continue research efforts—that carry on into the winter.  It’s been months since the first blog entry during the summer and time marched forward.  Apparently, my creative efforts screeched to a temporary halt due …
Footsteps from the Past I – 18x24 Fine arts print on canvas with border.
Footsteps from the Past Notes
In the Footsteps from the Past series, I attempt to portray that mysterious moment in time when past and present collide, if only briefly. Currently I am in the initial research phase for the 6th artwork in the series. In the sixth illustration of the sequence I plan to introduce living figures in the scene with the …