Footsteps from the Past VI

Footsteps from the Past VI

  • Footsteps from the Past VI, original 24x30
  • Giclee 16x20 prints on canvas and other related products are on display and available for purchase.
  • Fine art prints are individually printed, additional sizes can be special ordered.   


Footsteps from the Past VI – Past and Present Cross Paths—on Duke of Gloucester Street.

16x20 Fine arts print on canvas with border.

© 2019 Suzanne E. Denion. All rights reserved.

As stated in a previous blog, in the Footsteps from the Past series I attempt to portray that mysterious moment in time when the past seems to re-emerge and intermingle with the present, if only briefly. The 6th artwork in the series illustrates the living figures of a Colonial Williamsburg coachman driving a carriage and horse, in a scene with the colonial ghostly figures of a young man and a woman leading an ethereal horse—both presumably slaves who stand in stark contrast to the regal carriage and driver. The near collision of past and present creates a moment of haunting awareness between the viewer and the ephemeral figures in the artwork. These kinds of spiritual overlays seem to appear throughout Colonial Williamsburg and often inspire thoughtful reflection and further discovery.